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Full Permaculture Design

A full permaculture design is a roadmap towards a more resilient future for yourself and your family.  Each design is fully customized for the specific property, the people that live there, as well as their short and long term goals.  First, an in depth observation and analysis of the site is done, taking into account all of the varied elements and flows present and desired, including the lifestyle and routine of the site's inhabitants.  Then, using all of the information gathered during the observation phase, a design is created that makes beneficial connections between the various elements of a site, so that the output of one element becomes the input of another.  An implementation and maintenance plan is laid out in a way that minimizes the energy expended while maximizing the resulting effects, so that the performance of one action can take care of two or more tasks at once.  More than just a landscape designed to look appealing, a full permaculture design seeks to create a resilient, abundant, and permanent food system, one which integrates the daily activities of its caretakers while requiring less and less maintenance over time.


Included in the Full Permaculture Design:

  • Property walk through, observation, and client interview.
  • Scale map of property
  • Detailed design drawings, with plant placements, water flow map, sector map, and zone map.
  • Detailed plant lists, including guilds for fruit trees.
  • Implementation schedule and maintenance plan 
  • Follow up support during and after implementation, including two site visits.

In other words, I would spend some time on your property making observations and creating the scale map.  I would then create a custom permaculture design based upon my observations, your desires as communicated in the client questionnaire and interview, and the overall patterns of your regional climate.  This design would be presented in a series of full color scale drawings, along with plant lists and placements, which could be given to a landscape contractor for implementation of the design.  Of course, you can implement the design yourself over time, or I can provide a bid for partial or full implementation once the design is finished.  Whichever path you choose, I will be available via phone/email to answer questions and offer guidance during the implementation phase.  Included in the follow up support are two site visits to see how the design is progressing and offer guidance.  These would have to be scheduled to coincide with my own travel to your region.


The fee for a full permaculture design depends upon the size of the property and the goals of the client, but typically starts at around $1000 for a 1/4 acre suburban lot.  Please contact us for a customized quote.

Garden Design and Installation

Perhaps you would like to start growing your own food, but aren't ready or able to dive into a full permaculture design.  An annual kitchen garden is a wonderful way to step into the world of permaculture and gain a closer connection with your environment and your food.  Weather you have a large back yard and your own home, or a small balcony in a rented apartment, we can help you find a solution that will get you growing fresh veggies wherever you are.  Once you have the beds and soil to work with, we can guide you in creating a healthy and diverse garden community that will help keep the garden pests and weeds in check without the use of pesticides or herbicides, so you have the healthiest food possible.  This guidance will continue throughout the season as we remain available for questions via phone or email.  Contact us for a custom quote.

One Day On Site Consultation

If you are working on a design for your own property and need some guidance, or would like some ideas to work with and a new perspective on your site, a one day on site assesment and consultation is available.  This consultaion includes the client interview, walk through, observation, and site analysis of the full permaculture design, but leaves the final design work up to you for a much lower investment.  I will spend the full day on your site, making observations and asking questions, and in the afternoon we will do a second walk through where I will offer up suggestions for different elements to include in your design and how they might be connected.  Follow up will include a list of trees, shrubs, and groundcover plants, customised for your specific site conditions and climate.  The fee for a one day consultation is $300.

One Hour Phone Consultation

Are you new to permaculture and would like to know where to start?  Do you just need a bit of advice?  I am available for a one hour phone consultation covering any questions you may have, from how to set up a garden bed, to how to harvest rainwater effectively, to what kind of natural building is best for your situation.  Whatever the topic may be, we will schedule a one hour phone or Skype conversation in which I can answer your questions, and help guide you through the ocean of available information towards the resources that are best suited to your particular property, lifestyle, and situation.  We will exchange emails before hand to establish your context and help ensure you get the most out of our one hour conversation.  You can even pre-submit your questions.  The fee for a one hour phone consultation is $50.

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