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Permaculture Design and Consultation

A full permaculture design is a roadmap towards a more resilient future for yourself and your family.  Each design is fully customized for the specific property, the people that live there, as well as their short and long term goals.  First, an in depth observation and analysis of the site is done, taking into account all of the varied elements and flows present, including the lifestyle and routine of the site's inhabitants.  Then, using all of the information gathered during the observation phase, a design is created that makes beneficial connections between the various elements of a site, so that the output of one element becomes the input of another.  An implementation and maintenance plan is laid out in a way that minimizes the energy expended while maximizing the resulting effects.  More than just a landscape designed to look appealing, a full permaculture design seeks to create a resilient, abundant, and permanent food system, one which integrates the daily activities of its caretakers while building soil and regenerating the surrounding ecology.


If you would like help incorporating permaculture design into your own landscape and environment, or simply need some fresh ideas and information, I am also available for consultation either in person or over the phone.

Garden Design and Installation


Growing your own food is an incredibly rewarding experience, and there is no better way to get fresh, healthy vegetables and fruits.  Weather you have a large back yard and your own home, or a small balcony in a rented apartment, we can find a solution that will get you growing.  Once you have the beds and soil to work with, we can guide you in creating a healthy and diverse garden community that will help keep the garden pests and weeds in check without the use of pesticides or herbicides, so you have the healthiest food possible.  

Ecological Landscaping

An ecological landscape is a built environment that provides a number of benefits to the local ecology.  Although the appearance can be very similar to a traditional landscape design, we incorporate a varied toolkit including water harvesting, soil building, companion planting, and habitat creation to ensure that the landscape not only looks beautiful, but also creates a positive influence on the surrounding environment.  Our creations are pesticide, herbicide, and chemical fertilizer free, so you can be sure they are healthy for your family and friends.   An ecological landscape is also more resistant to drought and pest issues, becoming more and more resilient year after year.  Your landscape can be fully customized to include edibles, natives, pollinator plants, vegetable gardens, fruit trees, playgrounds, fire pits, arbors...the possibilities are endless.  

Closed Loop Landscape Maintenance

We would be happy to help you maintain the health and beauty of your garden or landscape.  We offer a wide range of services including simple yard clean up, fire fuel load management, orchard and tree care, or regular tending of your garden.  Whatever the task, instead of simply removing plant material from your property, we use methods that return those valuable nutrients to the soil, helping to ensure the health and resiliency of your landscape.

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