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A full permaculture design is a roadmap towards a more resilient future for yourself and your family.  Each design is fully customized for the specific property, the people that live there, as well as their short and long term goals.  First, an in depth observation and analysis of the site is done, taking into account all of the varied elements and flows present and desired, including the lifestyle and routine of the site's inhabitants.  Then, using all of the information gathered during the observation phase, a design is created that makes beneficial connections between the various elements of a site, so that the output of one element becomes the input of another.  An implementation and maintenance plan is laid out in a way that minimizes the energy expended while maximizing the resulting effects.  More than just a landscape designed to look appealing, a full permaculture design seeks to create a resilient, abundant, and permanent food system, one which integrates the daily activities of its caretakers while requiring less and less maintenance over time.


If you would like help incorporating permaculture design into your own landscape and environment, or simply need some fresh ideas and information, I am also available for consultation either in person or over the phone.




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